Courtney Trouble's Live Sex Show!

I've enjoyed Courtney Trouble's work for years, from way back in the beginnings of NoFauxxx.com, so when I heard she was looking for people to review her newest video, "Live Sex Show" (keep reading, she's screening it today in SF and it's gonna be a PAR-TAY), I jumped on the chance!

What makes this porn really fun is that it was shot in front of  live studio audience at the Center for Sex and Culture's Masturbate-a-thon last year, and it's neat when you get a sense of the crowd there. The first scene, for example, involves a striptease, with people stomping a beat, which I enjoyed. Or after scenes, people clap and cheer, which just made me smile watching it- I think I fell in love with the SF community a little more watching this and thinking "man, this is what life is just LIKE here!"

Also really fabulous- uncircumcised cock (my favourite) sexy bodies of different types (though all fairly alternative, with tattoos, piercings, and/or brightly coloured hair), hairy armpits, spankings, queerness mixed with the straightness (though no boy on boy- maybe next time?), sexy clothes that weren't standard porn clothes- yum! The chemistry between the couples is just so incredibly hot- you can feel the energy between them.

I got really turned on watching one performer getting her clit sucked while being fingerfucked... it rang true that this was sex on camera, rather than superperformative porn sex, which I liked. Nina and Jiz talked to the audience, too, which I loved, that playful sweet interaction between each other and the crowd. Sexy safer sex. Fisting (oh so hot). 5-on-1 queer gangbang goodness. And lots of kissing. Yay for lots of kissing.

But you don't have to trust me, if you're in SF! Go check it out for yourself tonight! And if you're not, get a piece of the action from Courtney Trouble's store. It's well worth it.

Live Sex Show Grand Premiere Screening and Release Party

Sun, December 11, 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Center for Sex and Culture

Buy Your Tickets Now! $8-25.00, sliding scale, full benefit for Center for Sex and Culture

Come join the stars of the film and other Bay Area porn elite to watch Courtney Trouble's LIVE SEX SHOW for the first time ever on the big screen! A benefit for the Center for Sex and Culture.

Starring Nina Hartley, Jiz Lee, April Flores, Tina Horn, Jolene Parton, Kimberlee Cline, and Roger Wood.

In attendance, director Courtney Trouble and stars from the film will be there to watch you watch them, sign autographs, and answer any questions you may have about this sexy film!
Doors at 7:30, Movie starts at 8pm Sharp! Door entry will be cheap sliding scale, and ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE CENTER FOR SEX AND CULTURE.

Calling all you pervy voyeurs, this porn is for you!! From award winning porn director Courtney Trouble, LIVE SEX SHOW was shot in front of a WILD, HORNY, & WET live audience of 200 people at 2010’s San Francisco’s Masturbate-a-Thon, hosted by Carol Queen.

Starring Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee in a flirty yet FILTHY FINGER FUCKING scene, April Flores and the Matador in a dramatic COCK-SLURPING, PUSSY-POUNDING love story, Tina Horn getting KINKY AND ROUGH, Kimberlee Cline GETTING OFF HARD, Jolene Parton GETTING FUCKED, and Ms. TROUBLE herself in a climactic surprise 5-on-1 ALL STAR GANG BANG!

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