apartment hell

I'm trying for find a flat for 3 months, November to February.

I'd like it to be in zone 1-3. Double bed. Easy access to tube, or at least buses to central London. Warmish. Mixed gender or male. Under 600 quid a month, bills included.

But this appears to be really difficult. :/

I'm getting concerned I won't be able to find a place, which would be a real problem. I mean, I need to have this sorted soonish! I guess it's a bit early to panic (hah, it's never too early) as I don't need it til Nov 13th really, but....

I've tried moveflat.com and gumtree, but I get a lot of scams, not actual flats. Argh! I hope this doesn't lead to me havingto go back early...

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