December 2016

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Our City Hall Wedding Vows/Mission Statement

2016 can fuck right off but I did get married to a lovely talented femme and I did meet my amazing super supportive boyfriend so it’s not all bad. I wanted to post the finalized words of our wedding vows. I mean, it’s kind of half vows, half mission statement, but they are important to us and we wanted to share them with the world. It’s been an awful year and we know that the worst is yet to come, but we can get through this,… View More


“Lesbian” is a Noun. Sorry not sorry, Merryn.

“You’ll never guess what they’re saying on Twitter”, my girlfriendsaid to me as we drove into the parking lot of Michael’s to pick up edible silver spray paint for our apocalypse themed wedding. “It’s… the Discourse again.” I sighed heavily and rolled my eyes. “What is it this time?” “The editor-in-chief of Curve is saying… View More


To Whom It May Concern: short reflections on 2016

Dear ex: You really damaged me. You crawled under my skin and into my head and really hurt me, all while claiming you were a feminist. I will never really forgive you, and I’m ok with that. Dear self: You are so strong. You are also so fragile. Make sure you leave plenty of room for both, or you may end up broken by your own pressure to stay tough. Dear crush: You are really really cute and I am both excited to spend more… View More