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what's in a name? someone's cock, apparently

So there's that new facebook meme going around, you know the… View More


the scarlet pound sign

I'm on this kinky forum type thing. There's a mixture of people there, some professional, some not, and a few people have profiles that link their personal profile to the professional one, so they can maintain a personal account. I was told by the admin, after 5 years of being on the site, that because my personal profile links to this blog, which then, on the side, links to my professional page, I had to indicate on my personal… View More


"Guilt is the gift that keeps on giving." -Erma Bombeck (triggers within)

So it seems we haven't gotten over the happyfuntime that is blaming the victim, according to… View More


what would you do (trigger warning)

There's this show on ABC, called "What Would You Do?" where the idea is to see how people react to ethical choices. There's been a few now, like what would you do if service was refused to gay parents, or if a manager was sexually harassing a worker of his. The one that got to me was the situation of… View More


sexism is a social disease.

On my way home from the tube tonight I was assaulted. I'm ok, calmed down,… View More


Perverts and Privilege in San Francisco

So I've been aware for a while about how the SF area, while declaring themselves to be sex positive, absolutely resent being told that their party themes reflect their privilege. The "Pimps and Hos" party at one space was a good… View More