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Lost and Found

When I read Calico's post called "Lost Another One", I cracked a smile. I've gotten that response, the "oh, you're a Pro, we kinky men have lost you FOREVER". Besides the things Calico says about assumptions, which I agree with, there was something else I noticed. I used to hear that a lot in California, where men assumed that because I was a pro I wouldn't do them for… View More


Gay Shame

It's that time of year again, when thousands of baby dykes and twink homos gather together to drink themselves into a stupor in front of a parade of corporate sponsors who claim to be gay friendly as they have a float with some employee in badly done drag on it.… View More


Boylesque- the start of something good.

I sort of despaired for burlesque in London, to be honest. I'm spoiled rotten in San Francisco, with the Living Dead Girlz and the… View More